Friday, August 01, 2008

Our Night at Way Dam

     I made my way on my day off Wednesday with Egypt down to our yearly engagement with Tommy and Amanda and Amanda's family at the Way Dam Recreation Area.  And as usual we had a blast.  Egypt and I watched our names get enshrined on the hanging sign for winning last years' horseshoe tournament.  That was cool.  In this years tournament I was paired with Amanda's mom and we won in the first round and lost in the second.  No big deal.  Egypt got to the semifinals and lost as well.  But it was fun.  And it was not the only fun that went on today.
     I attempted to surprise and amaze everyone by making a cake in a dutch oven on the fire.  You know, in retrospect, it sounded like a great idea.  The recipe seemed easy enough, and I mixed everything before we even left.  So I got there and threw the stuff in the dutch oven, and onto the coals it went.  Yeah, ummm...recipe?  20 minutes isn't quite enough.  Trust me.  It took like 35, and then it had to set for 15.  How wonderful.  It was a little soupy but it was tasting good as we tested it.  And it would have been delicious except for one thing.  See, as we were removing the cake from the dutch oven we, and by we I mean I, managed to spill a whole bunch of ash onto the cake.  Yeah, a lot of it.  So every bite of the cake contained a nice, healthy dose of ash from the fire.  But that's okay.  I provided everybody with over and hour of hilarious entertainment.  And I almost provided them with a delicious cake.  Funny thing was, once we threw it in the fire, that cake burned for like 4 hours.  Turns out that chocolate turtle cake, slightly burned, is an amazingly even, long burning source of fuel.  How great it that?
     What turned out much better were the delicious blueberry pancakes that we had for breakfast with fresh picked blueberries.  OH MY GOD.   If you have never tried this you really need to get off your ass and get to it.  It is like a bite of heaven in your mouth.  With a little syrup and some bacon or sausage.  Oh man.  If I was on death row, if I was about to be executed for unspeakable crimes, I might very well request that as my last meal.  Put another tally on the board for great meals at Way Dam.
     I woke up this morning in my tent really early and I heard some people outside talking about pulling people's tents down upon them.  And I thought, they'd better not.  They tried with Amanda's brother Josh, but he was up and put a stop to that.  They were trying to do mine but I was lying there away and thwarted them.  But when they got Egypt's.  I wake up, look out the window of my tent, and there is his, collapsed on top of him, his alarm going off and blaring across the campsite.  It was pretty hilarious.  And he was not happy.
     In the end, I left camp in a terrible pain.  As usual my gout acted up at the worst possible time, and I didn't have any pills with me.  It is painful to drive with a bad ankle, but I made it home.  And that's that.  Not a fitting end to a wonderful night, but I am not going to allow it to cast a shadow over a wonderful evening.  And I am already looking forward to the next time I can go back.

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bankingplanes said...

You cake WAS wonderful! And I think we should have just scrapped the ash off, It still would have been wonderful. Like my grandma always said "You have to eat a pound of dirt before you die" Oh, and the tent fiasco, HILARIOUS! So funny in fact its a youtube sensation! See my blog for further details.