Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Night at Way Dam: Update!

Several of you, The Pharaoh not included, have asked about how to find this video, provided to us free of cost by Banking Planes from her blog.  This is what happened when The Pharaoh drank too much and passed out and his a-hole friends decided to mess with him.  Yeah, he's inside the tent, and yeah, that's him you hear snoring, and yeah, his alarm is going off, and yeah we are poking him with a rake.  Isn't it great?


KingBobb said...

Exactly how long does one remain insensate with a collapsed tent for a blanket?

bankingplanes said...

Ahhh yes. This is one of those videos where no matter how many times you see it you still laugh just as if it were the first! Good times my friend, good times.

Big Dave said...

At least a half hour KingBobb, and that is with your alarm going off constantly.