Friday, August 15, 2008

My Weekend With The Boys

     Well Company, I am beginning to recover from the shock and disappointment that came with the closing of the Mexican Mart.  So I think that it's time to talk about last weekend.  The Boys left on Wednesday.  By The Boys I mean Bucko, Andy, and Ben, my friends from Wisconsin.  They make the pilgrimage to see me every summer and I am not going to lie, it's something I look forward to immensely.  It is usually the high point of my summer.  We have a few things that are on our agenda every year when they come up.  They mostly include jumping off things.  I have posted about this phenomenon before.  But I think we can just go day by day this time, no?
     The Boys arrived late on Saturday night and because it was so late, and because they had been driving all evening, and because we had to be up early in the morning we crashed early.  No big deal, right?  I was tired because I had been running around most of the day doing some post-wedding things, and I went to David Nathaniel's, and I sort of half-ass cleaned up the house.  After they arrived we talked about some things for a little bit, watched a little bit of the Olympics, and went to bed.  A successful day one.
    Sunday morning we had what is becoming an annual kayaking trip with The Boys.  Foxy Roxy was there.  And Eric the Red.  And the Dingo.  And David Nathaniel and Chevy Orange.  And The Pharaoh.  It was his first time actually, and he seemed to love it.  First off, Andy and I go to run some errands early.  And apparently beach towels are impossible to find in a town with MILES OF BEACHES in August.  Apparently they stop stocking them sometime in the spring, which is retarded because the lake doesn't get warm enough to swim in until...oh, say August and September.  So that is when you need a beach towel.  I don't need a beach towel in May.  I need a wet suit then if I want to get in the water.  So anyway, after Andy and I buy the last two beach towels in town, we proceed to make out way to kayaking.  On the way we meet some cross country skiers that I know doing their summer workout.  Female cross country skiers.  And they apparently make such an impression on Andy that when we went to get him some money from the ATM he forgot his PIN number.  He actually never remembered it for the rest of the weekend.  It was pretty hilarious.  Almost as hilarious as him falling in while kayaking.  Or as Eric the Red falling in while trying to dump David Nathaniel.  Or Foxy Roxy falling in on her own.  Or David Nathaniel and I riding double in a sit-on top kayak and riding awfully low in the water.  In the end it was a really good time.  As usual most of us got soaked.  But we had a really good lunch after it and made and awfully fun day of it.  After kayaking, The Boys and I made our way to the beach that we know where there are often large waves to play in.  We figured that since it was an awfully windy day, and the wind was coming from the right direction it would be a good day to go there.  But the waves didn't seem to feel the same way.  They didn't show up in force like we wanted.  But we still messed around and had a good time.  Finish the day off with a 24' pizza with 3 lbs. of cheese and 1 lb. of toppings and you know you've had a good day two.
     Day three was good too.  After a lazy morning we went and jumped off of Black Rocks.  It was nice so there were a lot of people hanging around, doing crazy flips and dives.  I jumped off once and swam around and The Boys, especially Ben jumped time and time again.  But not as much as last year.  I am afraid that we are getting old.  That's all I can figure.  Because we pansed out time and time again.  But such is life I guess.  After jumping off the rocks we decided to have a cookout.  So we turned in all the cans and bottles, many of which were left from Bucko's visit in March, and used the money to get all the stuff.  And we did it up right.  But I chugged a lot of Boone's Farm.  I mean, too much Boone's Farm.  And I am thinking that I probably shouldn't get drunk too much anymore.  Because I do things I shouldn't, and I say things I shouldn't.  And I make a big ass of myself, which I am really good at doing when I am sober anyway.  But despite it all I had a good time, and as usual day three ended with us playing video games.  Awesome.
    Well, on Tuesday, day four, there was only one more thing to jump off of.  And that was the Dead River Falls.  So off we went to the Falls, after an amazing breakfast.  And when we got to the Falls we found out that the river was pretty high.  And pretty flowing pretty fast.  And there was a ton of water coming over the falls.  So...we didn't jump.  We swam a bit at the third falls like always and then moved up to the fourth set.  We really are getting old - it's sad.  But we swam in a big pool above the fourth set of falls and I explored an island.  It was quite fun.  I am going to have to go back soon.  Or maybe just next year when The Boys show again.
    On day five we just hung out and relaxed.  The Boys got their usual pasty lunch and made their way out of town.  Fatter and more sunburned than they were when they got here.  Bucko actually had the coolest stripes of sunburn on his abs from being in the kayak on day two.  But off they went to a baseball game.  And here I stay to lick my wounds and clean up my newly messy apartment.  But that's okay.  Because it's my favorite weekend of the year.  And I am no worse for the wear.  Hell, I am already thinking about what we can do next year.


Roxy said...

Big guy..First of all, let me say that I appreciate you not saying HOW I fell out of the kayak (goddamn branch!) and that I am SO very very glad I wasn't the only one who fell out :P Sadly, after lunch, you missed Eric and I dancing in the parking lot by the was quite the sight..oh well, maybe next year..:)

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