Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Kayaking Double Pack

     My head is sunburned.  Yeah, the whole thing.  I don't have my usual hat line, which is good, but my head is sunburned.  And if you have never burned your head, I wouldn't recommend it.  It's terrible.  It makes it hard to do things like sleep or shower or lean your head on things.  So how did it get so sunburned?  Well, I went kayaking yesterday, twice.
      The first time was with Eric the Red, Tim, Foxy Roxy, Duke, and Dingo.  We went to a local river called the AuTrain, way down past Guy's Sand River estate, but it's kind of slow and meandering and presents no challenges, and it is just about perfect timewise, taking between two and three hours to go from the second bridge to the first bridge.  So lots of people go there with their canoes or kayaks or giant inflatable innertubes or water wings or giant inflatable alligators or whatever.  
     So off we go, and Tim takes off down river like we are all racing or something.  Which is smart.  Because Tim doesn't want to get wet, and he knows that eventually me and Eric the Red and Duke will probably get him wet eventually.  So he's off like a shot.  The rest of us sort of putz around and slowly make our way downriver.  And it's fun.  Dingo, for whatever reason, is running into everything.  Branches and downed trees and the bank.  And it's pretty funny, because she doesn't usually do that, and every once and a while you hear this little squeal and you look and Dingo is tangled up with some sort of former plant.  But the fun begins when Eric the Red and Duke get together and start scheming to get Dingo wet.  So off they go, bounding down river.  And Dingo knows it's coming, so she is appropriately nervous.  And sure enough, when we come around a corner there are Duke and Eric the Red, crouched in the weeds on the shore.  And here they come after Dingo.  Duke stops to sit on the bow of my kayak, but quickly moves on towards his intended target.  So as she screams and begs for her dryness, I sneak over and send Eric the Red's kayak down the river without its owner.  Duke's goes right after it.  So the next thing you see is the two of them bounding through the shallows after their boats.  Needless to say I got wet for my part in the hijinks, but that's okay.
     When we finally get to the end of out trip, and we are all out of the water, Dingo informs us that her keys are locked in my car, which is not so exceptional except that my car is all the way back where we started.  Dingo was supposed to drive us back to get our cars.  So, off we go, all of us except for Tim wandering along the road back to our cars.  It was hot and the road was a small one through the woods, and it was pretty straight, and it looked like we were in some sort of rock video.  Especially when we walked in slow motion.  Once we got our stuff all packed up we went to lunch at a restaurant that Guy used to work at.  The owner was drunk and called Dingo "sir."  That was weird.  But all in all it was a good day.  Then it was off to Guy H's Sand River estate for round two with him.
     Unfortunately when I got to the Sand River Estate it was storming.  Like full on hail and whatnot.  That puts a crimp on kayaking plans.  So we hung out, waiting out the storm, and when it was over we headed to a place called Deer Lake, which is a dirty lie because I have never, EVER seen a deer anywhere near that lake.  So what the hell?  But there is a nice beach where we could start out.
     I thought we could use a beach because Guy had never been in a kayak before.  So we got him in and set up and out and floating and I have to say, he did really well.  He putzed around, getting his bearings and balance, and then we went, out across the lake to where there is this castle looking house built on a point.  So we looked at that and started back.  That is when, from behind me, I head "Oh oh, uh,oh!" and I look and here in Guy in the process of flipping over.  SPLASH!  Right into the water.  And since he was huffing and puffing he managed to swallow some water.  Naturally, I am worried.  But after a second or two Guy surfaces and spits out the water from his lungs, and begins laughing hysterically.  So I start laughing.  Well, it WAS pretty funny.
     So we go to the shore, and we decide to switch kayaks.  He will take mine, The Miles Standish, and I will use Dingo's slightly smaller one named Mabel.  So we switch, and Guy is off an running, but because Mabel is smaller I am having trouble getting my legs inside.  So I promptly fall out as well.  Which is also hysterical.  We are soaked and laughing all the way back to the beach.  Well, since we are soaked already, we start messing around on the beach.  Flooding the kayaks and just generally goofing off.  It was a ton on fun.  Especially since Guy kept stepping in this hole, time after time after time.  
     So it was a long day full of kayak fun.  It made for a long midnight shift at work, but it was worth it.  If you ever have a chance to recreate it, please do.  Maybe I will next week.  Just maybe I will use some sunscreen next time though.

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SandRiverGuy said...

kayaking was a freakin blast and we need to do it again soon. hopefully mabel wont be such a bitch to who ever is playing pilot at that time