Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jessica Loves Big Dave and Company

     Do you guys remember Jessica?  Here is a refresher if you don't.  Well, Jessica and her cronies at cheeseconey.com worked really hard and got their site up and launched FULL ON by the end of July, just like they promised.  Actually, I wrote this post on July 31, and when the staff here at Big Dave and Company checked on its progress around noontime it was ready to go but not full on, and then when I sent my unpaid, Sri Lankan intern and my well-paid, red-headed twenty-something co-ed housegirl to check it after dinner it was up and running and it is great. There are photos of all sorts of chili parlors, a great blog, videos, forums, etc.  I even joined her website.  I am the 15th member.  Seriously, go check it out.  
     I did.  And on her blog section, she was nice enough to write an She was checking out how search engines were searching for her site and apparently she found a link to my post about her efforts.  So she linked to it and now I am going to link to her and there are these other links from my post to my other post...I don't know.  Don't try to figure it out.  I have NASA working on it with their high end computers, let's just say that you can read what she wrote about us by clicking here.  
     But I noticed that she said that "Big Dave Does it Again" so I started poking a little more around cheeseconey.com and found out that this isn't the first time that she had written about me.  In fact, she mentioned me in her first post on her website blog, which you can read by clicking here.  And if you noticed, which I am sure you did because you always notice and appreciate the little things Company, I was NUMBER TWO on her list of favorite Cincinnati chili references, right behind one on CSI:Miami, which I actually talked about in my original post about chili, Chili Con Genius, and which I could never hope to defeat.  But still, I was second on the list.  That was impressive.  You've made me blush, Jessica.  Thanks for all the plugs and kind words, you are truly a friend of the blog.  Look for more on cheeseconey.com in the coming weeks, because I've got plans.  Oh I've got plans.


KingBobb said...

How does it feel to be all region-wide and stuff? Next time I'm up there or you're down here or we meet randomly in between some place, I'll probably have you autograph my forehead.

jessica said...

Thanks again Big Dave & Co.! This may be the coolest thing ever!!! If you or any of your readers are ever in town, shoot me an email and we will go have Cincinnati chili together!