Sunday, August 03, 2008

Eight Things I Found in Steph X's Bathroom

     Yesterday I went to an always super-fun cookout at Steph X's house.  For some reason, X always has non-bathroom stuff in her bathroom.  I mean, there is traditional bathroom stuff, like toilet paper, hairbrushes, shower cap, etc.  Even the radio and the deodorant spray is not out of the ordinary.  All that being said, here are eight things that I found in Steph X's bathroom:

1.)  The May 24, 1999 issue of Us Weekly Magazine that was missing its back cover and had devil horns and buckteeth drawn on a picture of Tom Cruise.

2.)  Six empty Rockstar cans, and one that was half full.

3.)  A brand new Poulan Model 1630 Electric Chainsaw without a chain.

4.)  Bowl of wax fruit, including macintosh apple, pear, tangerine, and two bananas but no citrus fruit.

5.)  Snow globe featuring a picture of a penguin in a red scarf ice skating that says "Niagara Falls, Ontario"

6.)  Lawn mower blade sharpening kit.

7.)  Lasso, stirrups, riding boots, cowboy hat, and stable rental agreement from Red Coat Farms in Hawthorn Woods, IL for a horse named Sugarcube.

8.)  Miniature model of the British Royal Navy ship HMS Miranda (1851) in a giant glass bell jar with a cork in the end.  


SandRiverGuy said...

i dont wanna burst your bubble or anything but there was only 1 banana and im sure you know what the other was........its steph x for christ sakes

chlewis said...

Sweet, I happen to have a lawn mower blade that needs sharpening.