Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Day After the Wedding Day

     I love weddings.  Not when I am in them.  And really not when I am presiding over it.  Because I stress out.  And boy was I stressing out about this one.  I have never presided over a wedding before, and I really had no idea what I was doing.  I made us do a rehearsal on Thursday, so that was good.  Today, I woke up and made CaraBeara hang out with me while I got ready.  I dressed in black, because that is what ministers do.  I drank six beers on the way to the wedding.  Ministers do not usually do that.  It probably was a bad idea.
    The ceremony, for the most part, went over pretty well.  There weren't too many people there, and all the park visitors who weren't part of the wedding were nice enough to not interfere.  Only two hitches occurred.  First of all, I am not sure if anyone noticed this, but I did.  The bride's sister sang two songs, first a solo and then a duet with her boyfriend.  Very cool.  They both have wonderful voices and sing the songs in quesition very, very beautifully.  But she's a little shy.  Well, she decided to sing both songs a capella.  Fine.  But then, she didn't sing the whole songs.  They cut both of them off.  So here I am, standing there, staring off into space at my shoes or the shoreline or someone's forehead, just listening for the end of the songs, and suddenly I realize that there is nothing but silence.  And everyone is looking at me.  So I look at the singer Miranda, and I must have had some sort of expression on my face, because she very quietly said "That's it."  Okay.  She sang amazingly but didn't sing the whole song.  And it totally took me by surprise.  So away we go.  And everything is going well until it was time for the bride and groom to exchange rings.
    I had the rings in my pockets.  Fine.  I wasn't supposed to, but at the bride's request it was decided that I should hand out the rings, not the best man and maid of honor.  Fantastic.  So I am ready to go, and when the time comes for the groom to put the ring on the bride's finger, I give him the groom's ring.  Yeah.  I gave him his own ring to put on her finger.  So he looks at me and says, very quietly, almost under his breath, "This isn't the right ring."  So I respond by saying loudly, so everyone can here.  "Okay, try it with this one." and I hand him the correct ring.  Everyone laughed.  And I suppose it broke the tension.  But I was and continue to be very much embarassed.  No big deal.  I will survive.  And the bride and groom didn't seem to mind.
    The reception, and the bar we ended up at afterward was pretty fun.  The reception featured all of the usual stuff:  good food, loafing around, lots of beer, hot girls in dress clothes, delicious cake.  So that was cool.  The families did an amazing job on everything.  At the bar we went to there was karaoke going on, which meant lots of fun and tons of good tunes.  Dancing.  Drinking.  Socializing.  All the usual tomfoolery.  Shenanegans even.  It was a lot of fun.  But it made me tired.  And I am still a little drunk.  So it's off to bed for me tonight.  But before I go there is good news.  I got that first wedding out of the way, so now I am a pro.  Anyone itching to get hitched?

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