Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ascending to the Throne

     It is a very proud, joyous and solemn day for us here at Big Dave and Company.  We here at the blog have a very good friend that you know as Egypt.  He has been in college for some time, and has weathered more than his fair share of bumps along his educational road.  He participated in the graduation ceremony back in May, but had a couple of credits left to complete before he could actually get his diploma.  Well he has completed those credits, and so now he is finally truly graduated from college.  We never thought we'd see the day.  
     Here's the deal though.  By now you know that many people in my life have nicknames.  Well, Egypt does too.  Except his is more along these lines; inappropriate for a family-oriented publication.  So I had to come up with a good, usable nickname for him.  And because he is half Egyptian, as in his father is off the boat (well, off the plane as it were, but his father was born in Egypt anyway) the name I used was Egypt.  Well that's just retarded anyway, because it really should be The Egyptian.  That's just proper English, and it makes much more sense.  That's my bad.  But a couple of weeks later I realized that a more proper and unique name, and one that he would undoubtedly like more, would be The Pharaoh.  So the deal was this:  Once he graduated FOR REAL that means he is all grown up so then I would start calling him The Pharaoh.  
     So congratulations buddy.  We are immensely proud of you for sticking with it and finishing school.  Good luck to you as you move on from here.  I hereby rechristen you The Pharaoh, to be called as such from here on out.  I am far too busy and more so lazy to go back through the archives and change all the references to you in the past, so you all are going to have to deal with that.  But it's okay.  Because now we can move on and change things for the better.  And that's what life is all about, isn't it?  Just don't let it go to your head Pharaoh.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is only fitting that we call that dirty camel jockey The Pharaoh.

KingBobb said...

There's only throne he's ever ascended to. And that's with his arms wrapped around it and leaving fingerprints in the porcelain as, in his drunken haze, he wishes the last 5 hours of his life never happened. Or at least the past five minutes that he was in the bathroom. But, at least now he's a full-fledged......well......not "asset to society", but I could probably go along with "less of a detriment to society" In any event, congrats buddy and I hope you find your backup singers soon. I'll never be able to listen to the "Shaft" theme song again, though.

jim said...

When am I going to be your Celebrity Endorsement???????///??///??!!!!111!!