Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome Home 107th!

     Yesterday, at 10 am there was a very well attended and very well deserved welcome home ceremony for the Army National Guard 107th Combat Engineers, a National Guard unit from our area which includes my buddy Bri-Guy.  Bri-Guy has already made and appearance with his wife and 7-month old child at David Nathaniel's house last night, and one of their numbers has already made her return felt at work.  So welcome back all of you, you did a fantastic job.  We are glad that you are back safe and sound and in one piece.  We are all so proud of you and the services you have provided.  Enjoy your families.  Enjoy the green grass.  Enjoy the mild 70-degree temperatures.  You have earned it.  Thanks again 107th!

Read more about their return and see some pictures: