Sunday, July 06, 2008

txt msg hell

     IHA.  i m not lying.  IMO using acronyms and txt msg language sux.  it pisses me off.  B4 u get all mad, i admit that i txt mor than i should.  txtng is gr8 4 certain situations.  like in the bar if its loud.  or if there isn't good reception.  gr8.  but lets be honest.  this txtng shorthand is out of control.  i refuz to use it.  i think im the only person who still txts with proper punct and grammar.  CAPS n periods and the whole 9 yards.  i dont even like to abrevi8.  it bugs me.  cuz eventually u abrivi8 so much tht no 1 can understand what u r saying.  the govnt has this problem; they abrivi8 so much no 1 knows 1 office from the othr.  its retarded.  
     i no.  txt msgs have to B short.  u only have limited space.  KISS.  periods take up valuable characters.  i will run out of msg.  here is the thng.  if ur msg is long enuf to take 2 msgs, then PCM.  i have many mins on my plan so i can afford it.  its prob mobl 2 mobl nway.  or nites n weeknds.  dial the digits n spk to me.  PLS.  then we can have a 2 min phone convo nsted of a 2 hr txt msg session.  damn that was ez.  then we can cut this txt msg language out.  
     it is especially bad in IM.  u have a keyboard in front of u.  if u r in such a hurry tht u cant type out the whole wrds then u shouldnt have time to IM.  news flash walter kronkite, fingers type fast.  way faster on a keyboard than on a phone.  u can afford to put all the letters and punct in ur IMs cuz its faster than txt msging.  thats how it is.  type the damn words.  pretend its a typeriter.  i don't care.  but use punct and grammar 4 a change.  OMG does that piss me off.  i dont mind a LOL 1ce in a while, but come on. ROTFL? get real.  how do u r8? type in "I have never laughed so hard in all my life." i did a spd tst and its not much shorter.  so shape up and cut this txt msg language biz out.  use english like its mnt 2 b used.  wan2 or not u should.  because its recidulous.  ok?  good.  CU L8R QT! 
Ugh, gag me with a freaking spoon!

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SandRiverGuy said...

LOL that was gr8. im still ROFLMAO!!!