Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Two Milestones and a Short Ode to the Company

     BIG NEWS COMPANY!  We are celebrating today.  In fact, all day at work I felt like I was floating on air.  And I wasn't even working on the hovercraft today.  I made that up.  I have never been on a hovercraft.  I have never even seen one in person.  They nearest one is like 90 miles away.  But even that couldn't dampen my mood today.  Because we here at Big Dave and Company reached a milestone today.  It is quite amazing.  And I couldn't have done it without you.  Well, I probably could have.  But that doesn't matter.  Yesterday we had our first comment by someone I don't know.
     Now, now, now, before you get yourselves in an uproar Company, let me say this.  I love you guys all.  I really do.  I read every comment you leave and I appreciate them all.  I appreciate all you guys who read and don't comment too.  I really do.  But this is a great indicator of how far along we are on my path to being famous.  I know people in Idaho, New York City, South Carolina (soon) California, even Russia.  And it was from California that my first comment by a stranger came from.  
     It was from WM, the writer behind and creator of Fake Interviews with Real Celebrities, which I am sure you know recently won the Chevrolet presents the First Annual Big Dave and Company Blog of the Year brought to you by Mountain Dew.  She thanked us and dedicated her reward to the children.  Fantastic!  It was a lovely comment from a complete stranger.  And as such it was a milestone.
     You are fuming Company.  And I can hear you pulling out the big guns right off the bat.  "Well, it's not really a milestone you mildly retarded d-bag, because you had to go fishing for it.  You had to make up an award and give it to some stranger just to get them to read your lame blog, which by the way I am not reading anymore."  Fair enough, good point.  But I wouldn't happen to say that I went fishing for anything.  Yes I made up and award.  Yes I gave it to someone random (although I really do enjoy her work the more I read it).  But I never asked her to read my blog or comment on anything.  She did that completely on her own.  I went fishing for comments no more than I am fishing for compliments when I keep talking about my new polo shirt that just happens to be a color that accentuates my deep, dark, super sexy eyes.  Okay, that's a bad example.  But you get the point.  I wasn't out looking for it.  I was actually looking for comments from you guys, my loyal and lovable Company, and I got one from L.A.  And I don't mean PePe or Legal Anne.  I mean Los Angeles.
     So don't go away.  Keep helping me.  'What do you mean 'keep?'" I can hear you asking.  Well I will tell you, because I have another exciting announcement to make.  Another milestone that has kept me floating on air all day long.
     Earlier today we had another comment-related first, as big as the one above.  Earlier today, with the thanks of all of you loyal members of the Company, we had our first post go over 10 comments!  Little Jeffy was really the push behind this success.  He spearheaded the campaign to push us over the limit.  So thanks to him.  I can hear you people saying it again "You want fishing for that one too dumbass."  No, no I did not.  Well, okay.  I went fishing for this one.  And I got it.  And it makes me feel good.  And it was all you guys.  I don't see any unfamiliar names in the comment section.  So thank you Company.  It never would have happened without you.  Peg-a-saurus Rex will be very proud too.  Terribly embarrassed but very proud I assure you.
     So there, two major milestones in ONE DAY!  Perhaps three if you count the Chevrolet presents the First Annual Big Dave and Company Blog of the Year Award brought to you by Mountain Dew that we inaugurated yesterday.  It's been a big week.  Thank you to everyone involved for making it so.  It's all about you guys: the readers.  Every day it's all about you Company.  So please keep reading and tell your friends.  Together we will set more milestones.  Ride my coattails to fame.  Or, more appropriately, we can all ride to fame in a big Winnebago with a fully stocked bar.  I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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