Saturday, July 26, 2008

Drunken Posting

     I am drunk, I understand that.  I hope that you understand that too.  I have decided not to use spell check on today's post so you can see how things really are.  What gets typed in gets typed in and posted.  End of story.  So here goes:
     It was dingo's birthday today and as such I went out to the bar.  Bad move.  I was really tired to begin with.  Then I hadn't eaten for many hours.  So the booze hit me hard.  And after not long I was drunk.  No big deal.  Nothing especially crazy or noteworthy happened at Dingo's birthday.  Her roommate and friend Teener rigged it up so that she got a cupcake from the bar owner, and that was awesome.  But other then that pretty run of the mill.
     So I felt that I owed you guys a post, and this was as good a time as any to so it.  Plus, I thought you'd get  a kick out of me drunk posting.  So I've drunk posted.  I hopw you like it.  If you don't you can suck my...well, it rhymes with halls.  Lest's just say that.  If you did enjoy it, thank you and we will be back real soon with some fresh, new, and most importantly sober offerings.

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jessica said...

drunk posts are fun!