Friday, July 18, 2008

David Nathaniel and the Comeback Kid

     I don't want to get on David Nathaniel.  He is a genuinely good guy, and one of my best friends.  But there was an incident involving him the other day that was great.  Poor guy got it handed to him but he showed the world how you have to react when someone had gotten you good.  You just have to accept it, say nothing, laugh a little and move on.  So here is what happened.
    David Nathaniel and I were at a local festival's closing day fireworks with Chevy Orange and Egypt.  It's actually pretty cool.  They have a week long festival and the last day they put on a pretty great fireworks display.  They close off the street near the lake and everyone congregates there, drinking beer, and eating popcorn and hot dogs and watched the fireworks.  It's fun.  So we watch the fireworks and are heading back to David Nathaniel and Chevy Orange's house.  David Nathaniel is walking next to Chevy Orange, I am about five (5) steps behind pulling the cooler, and Egypt is God-knows-where.  Probably writing hieroglyphics on something or yelling "NEW YORK" at some children.  So we are walking along a sort of bike path that runs along the street, and we pass a teenage couple who are kissing.  No big deal.  So, having a few in him, David Nathaniel says, as he passes, "Get a room."  Pretty standard comment, and relatively harmless.  But it was the response of the male in the couple that made the day.
     After David Nathaniel said that, the kid turns, looks, spreads his arms like they are wings or something, and says "I don't need a room, I have the whole sidewalk."  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  That's an amazing comeback.  You have to admit.  There are very few lines that one can come up with to counter that successfully.  The line is classic.  And so was David Nathaniel's response.
     David Nathaniel just kept walking.  He didn't turn or look, or say a word.  He just kept walking.  Walking like nothing happened.  And that's all he could do.  So that's what he did.  He just kept his head pointed forward and his feet moving.  And good for him.  That's the classy way to do things.  He didn't make a fool of himself.  He didn't get all pissed off.  He just took it and went on his way.  About 10 or 15 steps after that I just said "He got you pretty good [Dave], didn't he?" To which David Nathaniel responded, without turning his head "Yeah, he pretty much put me in my place."  HAHAHAHAHA!  This whole thing is hilarious to me.  I don't know.  Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was great.  The line.  The reaction.  The night.  So take a page from David Nathaniel's book and be a man about shit.  Because then you might even get in a blog.


David Nathaniel said...

Yeah that kid had me on that one. It also didnt help that i was a little tipsy and didnt bring my "A" game with me that day. Oh well i will have to come up with some one liners just in case it ever happens again

SandRiverGuy said...

well we will know when david nathaniel comes up with a good one cause he will be walking around telling everyone to get a room