Friday, July 25, 2008

Broken Windows and Outdoor Showers

 Hello, Company!  Just a few random thoughts and small stories for you today.  So here we go.
First of all, I must apologize for not posting the last two days.  On Wednesday, Blogger, who hosts my site, seemed to be having some issues, as they were down every time I tried to make a new post.  It wouldn't even let me get you guys a new video or change anything.  By the time it came back up I was gone and busy for the day.  On Thursday, worked during the day and then left immediately to go camping for the night with Jer and A.O, so I didn't get around to giving you anything new.  Sorry.  Thursday was my fault.  Chalk Wednesday up to the good folks at Blogger.  But don't give them too hard a time because they do an absolutely outstanding job of keeping things up and running and looking good.
     One of the places I had to go on Wednesday was softball, for what turned into a big rivalry game as the week rolled on.  It was a good game despite the fact that we lost as usual.  It was at the game that something awesome yet uncool happened, and I wanted to tell about it.  There is a section of the parking lot at the softball field that we call Murderers' Row because lots of people hit foul balls there.  Usually they hit the ground before they get to the parking lot and bounce harmlessly around in a car's undercarriage, or they thunk relatively harmlessly in the box of a pickup truck or off the door of an SUV.  No big deal.  Well on Wednesday Tom V. took out the window of my third baseman Christine's car.  I mean took it out.  He hit it dead center (unintentionally of course) and the window shattered.  I mean exploded.  POW! We all felt bad for Christine because she has to pony up for a new window, and there was glass all over her car.  But I have to admit that I never thought I'd see that happen.  And I think everyone felt that way.  Because everyone felt bad but wanted to go congratulate Tom.  And I think if we didn't like Christine so much all of us would have.
     After the softball game Duke and I came back to my house to hang out and have a couple of beers on my deck.  Eventually Guy and Garm and her friend Amber, who I have apparently decided to name Steak Knife, showed up.  Then Dingo came rolling in.  So it turned into a regular party.  Duke and I were both feeling a little saucy, so when he went inside to go to the bathroom I decided to play a prank on him.  Since my bathroom window looks right out on the deck, I removed the screen and stuck my head into the bathroom while he was peeing.  HAHAHAHA!  I didn't see anything, but he decided to fight back by throwing the items he found around my bathroom out the window.  Toilet paper.  Toilet paper holder.  Toilet brush.  Shampoo.  Body wash.  Back brush.  Towels.  Washcloth.  Shaving cream.  Anything that wasn't bolted down.  Then came the little tent fan that I use to keep the bathroom from steaming up.  Okay, that was enough.  I was lucky he didn't go through the medicine cabinet.  I countered by throwing back the items, and even upped the ante with my sandal.  Then Duke had the greatest idea.  My bathroom features an old claws foot bathtub with a shower that is just a head on a hose.  So he grabbed the head, turned on the water, and came after me with the shower.  And he got me.  I knew I had lost, so I stood there and took it like a man as he sprayed me until I was soaked.  I thought Guy was going to die laughing in the corner.  I thought Dingo was going to die laughing at Guy.  It was fun, we had a good time, and I got what I deserved.  And the BVM's watched it all.
     Other than that I had a good time camping with Jer and A.O.  We did the usual camping stuff and had a blast until A.O.  got ill.  But she was feeling better by the time I left this morning, and she and Jer and Big E were looking forward to another day of swimming, bike riding, and relaxing around the campfire.  Me, I am looking forward to going out tonight for Dingo's birthday.  I am sure there will be some crazy stories to come out of that.  But there is a good chance that I will be in no shape to post anything tomorrow.  So I apologize in advance.  If not we will see you on Monday!  Thanks for reading and supporting us here at Big Dave and Company even when we are being lazy.

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