Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big Dave and Company 100th Post Jubilee

     What's with the parade?  Don't act all coy.  I just heard you ask that guy standing next to you.  It should be pretty easy to figure out, Company.  All of the marching bands and Shriners and fire trucks and stuffy politicians are out for the biggest event in the history of events.  It's the Big Dave and Company 100th Post Jubilee!  Don't you ever read the title?
      So yeah, it's finally here.  It's the Big Dave and Company 100th Post Jubilee.  If you have been counting, which I haven't but Blogger has been, you would see that this is our one hundredth post.  That's about 93 more posts than I ever would have expected to do.  I have to admit that us here at Big Dave and Company have shown some admirable tenacity in posting new and sometimes fresh material day after day after day after day.  And you Company, you have shown remarkable loyalty reading and commenting on whatever we happen to post, no matter how awful and trashy is it.  So thank you for your continued support.  So, like a drunken, recently divorced middle aged man who is trying to figure out if he's being followed by the cops on his way home, let's look in the rear view mirror and see if we can recognize what had passed us by in the last 100 posts.
     I am not going to review the first 50 posts.  You can click here if you want to relive those times.  Because I have already written that and until I have the signs of early onset Alzheimer's Disease I am not going to write the same stuff over and over.  Besides, we have had all sorts of great moments in posts 50-100 that we can look it.  Huge moments.  Monumental moments.  Momental moments.  I don't even think that's a word.  But I wanted to say it anyway.
     On the last day of June, as is tradition, we gave out the Chevrolet Presents the First Annual Big Dave and Company Blog of the Year Award brought to you by Mountain Dew.  And boy was it spectacular.  There was a big show at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO.  All sorts of big stars were there.  Justin Timberlake.  Betty White.  Jessica Alba.  Eddie Vedder.  Mia Hamm.  Duke Manchap.   All the big stars.  There were presenters and recipients.  Everyone was wearing tuxedos or evening gowns or, in the case of Guy H. of Sand River, MI, an Adidas sweatshirt.  Unfortunately there was only the one award being given out, and we all knew who the winner was going to be.

     Yeah, I didn't even win my own reward.  Fake Interviews with Real Celebrities did.  But they deserved it.  They really did.  This is an immensely creative and entertaining blog written by someone who is actually a REAL writer.  So good for them.  And it was the awarding of that award that led to one of Big Dave and Company's biggest moments.
     Upon being awarded the Chevrolet presents the First Annual Big Dave and Company Blog of the Year Award brought to you by Mountain Dew Wendy Molyneux, the creator of Fake Interviews with Real Celebrities left us a very nice comment of acceptance on our blog.  This was big because it was the first comment we received from someone that we didn't already know.  And that has to be a milestone of some sort, doesn't it?
     On the same day we passed another major milestone.  That's two on the same day!  We also had our first post receive double digit comments.  Due to a major push spearheaded by Little Jeffy, Peg-a-saurus Rex and the Stuffed Beaver reached the plateau of 10 comments.  Spectacular!  That was all you Company, and we couldn't be more grateful or proud.  My, how we've grown.
     We had another milestone pass during our second fifty posts.  One day we received a comment from a very nice girl names Jessica.  She is involved with a website called that is devoted to Cincinnati chili.  I know, it sounds odd but it's really great.  And they wanted to reference one of my posts, Chili Con Genius.  OH MY GOD!  Not only is this another person from outside my immediate circle that is reading but this might be someone who actually searched and found me.  That means the system works.  Plus, they are going to talk about me on their website?  That's free advertising.  And they get content.  That's what we call a win/win situation.  
     We also began an affiliation with a website called The Bump Experiment.  This is a site by a man who received a random act of kindness from a man in his hometown, and decided that the world would be a better place if everyone returned the favor.  So he is trying to rally support for everyone to spend a week in November, 2009 and spend it being kinder, nicer, and more polite.  It's really a neat and inspirational idea.  I am in.  And I hope that you are too.  
     Wow.  Within the first one hundred posts Big Dave and Company has become known all throughout the country.  And we are getting together with all sorts of celebrity types.  It's really been a great ride.  We've been doing a lot of grown up things despite the fact that we are still a youthful scamp.  Well, it's time to start acting our age.  So here are some more things that we here are Big Dave and Company are going to do to grown up as we pass our 100th post:
     You've may have noticed on some of out links that we have a shiny new web address.  We can now be reached, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at  Yeah, that is right.  Easier to remember.  Much more sophisticated.  The old address will still work, but plug this shiny new string of letters and punctuation into your web browser and you can get all the same great content.  How exciting is that?  Plus, it also opens up all sorts of new possibilities and options.
     One of the new things that we can do with our shiny new web address is to have e-mail capabilities.  This is exciting.  Now, if you want to reach us with an idea for a post or a private question you can e-mail us at Yeah, it's tantalizing, isn't it?  That will get you right through to my private mailbox.  I may even read your e-mail.  I may even respond to it.  Are you shaking with excitement yet?
      Part of growing up is looking outward and becoming more socially conscious.  It's looking out for others and their issues as opposed to yours and yours only.  And sometimes there are issues that touch us all.  One of those is cancer.  Raise your hand if you have had a friend, family member, or coworker who was stricken by cancer.  You can get cancer from insulation, paint, cell phones, even the sun.  It has become prevalent in our world today.  But there is a wonderful foundation called The V Foundation for Cancer Research.  The foundation was started by and is named after Jimmy Valvano, the former North Carolina State University basketball coach, who won an NCAA Championship in 1983.  He lost his battle with cancer in 1993, roughly one year after being diagnosed with a terminal cancer of unknown origin.  The V Foundation has raised over $70 million dollars for cancer research since its inception, and we here at Big Dave and Company would like to help add to that total.  So today we are announcing the Big Dave and Company Wristband Initiative.
     Here is the deal:  You know those rubber wristbands that everyone is wearing these days.  Livestrong.  Breast Cancer.  So on and so forth?  Well, we are going to be selling those, emblazoned with the name Big Dave and, in beautiful black and blue.  The price will be $5 and all proceeds will go to The V Foundation.  Here is the thing though.  The more I order from the company, the less each costs.  So the more you order the more goes to The V Foundation.  I will not keep a dime of the profits from this sale.  All of it will go towards cancer research that will save lives.  Possibly mine, your, or your grandma's.  You never know.  
     Wristbands can be pre-ordered until August 1, 2008 by sending an e-mail with your name, address, e-mail, and the number of wristbands you'd like to order to  After the pre-ordering period is over you will receive an e-mail with directions for payment via check or PayPal.  We prefer PayPal.  Upon receipt of payment the wristband will be mailed out.  If you know me or can be in touch with me the wristband will be personally delivered by the staff here at Big Dave and Company.  Isn't that super exciting?
     Seriously though Company, please help us out on this one.  Cancer is a serious thing, and we'd seriously like to do some good, no matter how small it is.  And this is a situation in which everyone wins.  You get a sweet wristband.  I get some free advertising.  And The V Foundation gets a nice donation for their cancer research. If you want more information on The V Foundation for goodness' sake click on one of the many links I have provided you.  If you have questions please e-mail, I will be happy to answer them.  Please be patient with me, this is obviously the first time we've done this.  But I think we can all agree that this is a good cause.  I will be sporting my wristband.  I hope that you will be sporting yours.
     Well, that is the Big Dave and Company 100th Post Jubilee.  It's been a great ride over these past 100 posts.  I would like to thank everyone who comments on my blog on a regular basis, as well as all those of you who read on a daily basis but don't comment.  Please feel free to leave and ideas or suggestions at, I take seriously all suggestions.  We hope to have some new and exciting things as we go into the future, mixed nicely with a heavy dose of the same old stuff.  So look forward to that.  Thanks again and keep reading!


peg said...

Big Dave, Congrats on your milestone! I have enjoyed reading these. That said I am so proud to see that the wristbands are coming... And the cause is a very good one! Hook me up with one and I'll see about the fam. I hope this brings a large following and support for your sight!!!!

Roxy said...

Great job on your milestone! I think your blogs are awesome and I hope you write a bazillion more :) It's really cool what you are doing for the cancer research, Dave! I'll take 4! *Smoochies*

SandRiverGuy said...

I tell you what guy you hit 500 posts and ill turn in the old adidas hoodie and show up in something snazzy to the next party....i hope its not in denver this time. how about Jaffrey New Hampshire.