Monday, June 09, 2008

Let the Waters Come

That is a picture of the neighborhood in which I grew up.  You can't see it but at the very back of the photo, if you follow the water, is Bethesda Elementary School.  That's my elementary school. I have the yearbooks to prove it. G-Funk's parents' house is like two blocks from where this picture was taken.  You can see the soccer goals in the park to the right where my friends and my sister used to play soccer.  The house where my mom and sister and niece live is perhaps a mile from here.  So you can believe me when I tell you that this is not a river.  It is a street.  7-10 inches of rain fell on my hometown in the last two days and these are some pictures.  Here is another one:
This is another picture from downtown.  The whiteish bulding in the background with the small dark awning is called Discount Liquor.  I took the Egyptian and Mikey in there and they were in awe.  Barstow St. passes across the right of the picture.  The Lee S. Dreyfus State Office Building is immediately to the right.  In the middle of this picture, directly behind the woman, there is a dam.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  A dam.  It's about 3 or 4 feet high.  There used to be a mill on it when the town was founded.  Behind the dam is an area of still water where they do ski shows in the summer and you can rent paddle boats.  There is a riverwalk area around the dam.  All of that is under water.  You can't even tell there is a structure there.  Amazing.  I have never seen the water that high, not even back in the 90s when the Mississippi had those huge floods.  That's messed up.  If you are dry, be greateful.  If not, be smart.  Remember that that water is dirty.  And never, ever walk or drive through a flooded street.  you probably shouldn't even boat through it.  Listen to local authorities and be smart and safe.  Whatever you do don't be like this guy:
That is not a recipe for a successful day.


Anonymous said...

Dave, So sorry to see your neighborhood under water. We were worried about that when we heard the news. I hope all are fine at home.Peg

Big Dave said...

Thank you very much Peg for your thoughts. Both my sets of parents live on the top of hills so they are okay. I did call and check to make sure anyway. I appreciate everyone's concern though and I will be sure to pass it on!

SandRiverGuy said...

well i know that could happen here but we gave the best damn weather spotter around so if its gonna happen we will all know. there will be a 97 saturn dyke wagon with a big yellow kayak on it tearing up the streets in rain, sleet, snow, or flood. for all the weather needs we know who to call