Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chili con Genius

Sometimes it doesn't pay to fight.  Sometimes one just has to succumb and do what fate and karma and that kid down the street wants you to.  Recognizing that will make one's life go much easier and lower the old blood pressure a lot.  I realize this and so I am going to just take my own advice.  Since chili and cheese are have been looking me in the face and popping up in my life all day long, I am going to write about it.
Yeah, that's right.  Chili and cheese.  First Dingo was eating chili cheese fries for lunch today.  They looked pretty delicious.  Then I got home and was watching television and a Dairy Queen commercial came on, touting chili cheese dogs.  It looked pretty delicious as well.  So that got me thinking, chili and cheese goes well on a lot of things.  I wonder what else it would go good with?
-  Baked Potatoes.  Yeah, I am not sure if anyone has ever tried this before, but someone should.  I am thinking you hollow out the halves of the potato a little bit, nestle a little chili and in there, put some cheddar cheese on top of it, and maybe a dollop of sour cream.  Some onions if you are into that kind of thing.  Yeah, and then there are options after that.  Eat the chili and a little potato like it's a little bowl.  Or just eat the whole shebang, skins and all.  That's how I would do it.  And it would be delicious.
-  Tater Tots.  Now I can hear all you naysayers out there saying "Big Dave, come off the potato products, chili and cheese would taste really good with any potato product really.  Even potato chips but probably not mashed potatoes."  True, I agree.  But hear me out.  I am not thinking of a pile of tater tots with some chili and cheese slopped all over the top of it.  Well I am now that I wrote that but I am thinking beyond that.  I am thinking of a tater tot casserole with chili, cheese, onions, all layered and delicious with some sour cream as a garnish.  Throw it together and bake it until it's all nice and warm and gooey and bubbly.  Mmmmm...I am drooling on my love seat right now.  Plus, that is the kind of thing that is good cold in the morning.  Or warmed up in the microwave if you have a hangover.  Not if you are still drunk though.
-  Noodles.  Yeah, I think this will be good.  In fact I know it will.  Because back in the day I always ate chili with noodles.  That's called Cincinnati Chili.  I learned that on CSI:Miami.  I didn't live in Cincinnati, but that's how we ate it.  And I liked it.  And I think that if you tried it you'd like it.  Any kind of noodle would do.  We always used elbow macaroni but spaghetti noodles would work well I think, so would egg noodles.  Yeah, that would be real good.
-  Bread Bowl.  Yeah, chili in a bread bowl is all over out there.  I don't even need to write about it.  But what about a chili and cheese sandwich?  Instead of in a bread bowl maybe between two pieces of sourdough.  That would be sloppy but no more so than a sloppy joe.  Yum.  Just don't wear a white shirt.
-  Chili Cheese Burger.  This is out there if you look for it.  Carl Jr./Hardee's have these from time to time.  Many other family restaurants have them too.  I recommend it.  Get fries though and it's like a two-for-the price of one.
-  Eggplant.  I bet you've never thought of this.  I think that some chili and cheese on a bed of either sliced eggplant or even shredded eggplant would be great.  What would be really good would be like an eggplant parmigiana but made with chili and cheese instead.  Mmmmm...that would be tasty.  I should look into that.  For variation you could bread and fry the eggplant, bake it, whatever.  Or just do it straight up.  It would be a bit of an odd texture combination but I am telling you, the taste would be right on.  This is one that I am going to have to try sometime soon.
-  Salad.  Yeah, I've had this and it's actually pretty good.  Wendy's used to have it and I like it.  I mean,I refuse to eat at Wendy's in my town anymore (don't ask) but I tried it once somewhere else and Little Jeffy was eating it in Idaho and quite frankly it's delicious.  Seriously, just put chili and cheese and onion and sour cream on top of a bed of lettuce with some crushed up tortilla chips sprinkles on it.  It would be good.
-  Tortilla.  Yeah, I am thinking chili with all the fixin's would be good wrapped up in a tortilla.  Like a soft tortilla.  Maybe you'd have to throw in something to thicken it up a little, like make the chili thicker or put in some crushed up chips.  But it's doable I think and I think it would be good.  You could even pour a sauce over it like it was an enchilada or something.  I might have to try this one too.
-  Cornbread.  I think that that goes without saying.
-  Green Pepper.  You could do it like stuffed peppers.  Hollow out a green pepper, or maybe cut it in half and put some in each half and bake it.  Yum.  You'd have to somehow cut the strength of the green pepper but it could be done.  And I think that it would be delicious and unique.  Try it sometime and let me know.
     I think that these are all golden ideas.  Some of them are so golden that they've already been done.  If you have a bunch of leftover chili at your house then I am pretty much your hero right now.  If you are making chili and you can't get your kids to eat it, then I am terribly helpful.  If you are bold enough to try any of these ideas let me know, because I think they'd all be good.  Some of them I intend to try myself.  If you have any good ideas of your own let me know.  I can always use the advice.  So go out and make your chili and see what you can do with it.  Maybe we call all take over the Food Network and get famous.  And wouldn't that be cool?

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SandRiverGuy said...

It is also good on a nacho supreme ive tried it. and as far as the potatoe chips go bam showed me you put a think of cream chese pour a can of hormel chili over it cover it with cheese and put it in the oven or microwave if you prefer.. delicious