Sunday, May 25, 2008


     A.O. loves mySpace.  And the is not alone.  So does Legal Anne.  PePe does mySpace.  Little Jeffy does mySpace.  So does Egypt.  Bands and small businesses and CNN and Tila Tequila and about eleventy billion other people do mySpace.  And the other eleventy billion people in the world do Facebook.  And that's cool.  I am all for social networking.  And honestly, it can be a great creative outlet.  And everyone is keen for me to get a mySpace.  But I won't.  And there is a secret.  The more that people try to get me to start a mySpace page the less likely I am to.
     Honestly, part of it is just because I am stubborn.  I continually refuse to do mySpace because everyone else does.  And this is not the first instance of this.  On the computer, AIM is a great example.  I didn't get onto AIM until about 4 years after everyone else did.  Now I am signed on more than I care to admit.  Cell phones are another great example.  Everyone else had a cell phone long before I ever considered walking into a Sprint or T-Mobil office.  In fact, I didn't even go get one until my mom made me.  How do you feel about that?  Now I use it far more than I want to most days.   And so on and so forth.  That's just my m.o, avoid things while they are wildly popular, and then jump on once the fad dies down a little.  And that time hasn't come yet for mySpace.
     Besides, what do I need mySpace for?  I have this sweet blog, and I would guess that that is probably more of me than you guys want already.  So now you want me to add mySpace?  Anything that I would put on there is probably on here, except the photos.  And let's be honest, I don't particularly like photos of myself anyhow.  So why would I want you to see them?  Someone explain that to me.  "But Big Dave, you can set it to be private and then only your friends can see it."  Well I could do that with this blog too but I don't.  Because I don't see the use.  Why bother with having something that not all the world can see?  My friends don't need to see that stuff.  My friends all know the stuff that I would put on my mySpace already.   That and more.  So why does that information have to live in cyberspace?  Company, do you understand what I am getting at?  Am I talking to a wall here?
     Of course I am not talking to a wall.  I am sure that you understand my skepticism and reluctance.  Or maybe not.  Either way it's okay.  Because in the end I will cave I am sure.  I always do.  Someday Egypt and Legal Anne and goodness knows who else will receive invitations from me.  It will happen very quietly I am sure.  Time and society will always win out.  So keep the heat up A.O. and eventually I will get mySpace.  But until then, keep it as yourSpace.

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SandRiverGuy said...

im with you guy. id rather call it bullshit space