Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rachael Ray and People Who Need a Hobby

*Special thanks to Friend Steven who helped me immensely with today's blog despite the fact that he probably agrees with none of it except for the first sentence.*
    I must be stupid.  Perhaps I am just naive.  Or maybe I am totally devoid of understanding.  But it seems to me that people in this world need to lighten up.  But I saw this article and it pissed me off.  And I hope it pissed you off too. 
     For those of you who didn't hear about this, or those of you who don't understand how a link works, this is what happened:  Recently, talk show host, Food Network personality, and strangely hot Rachael Ray had a commercial in which she appeared pulled from the airwaves.  Dunkin' Donuts pulled the ad after several groups complained that the scarf she was wearing looked like keffiyeh, which is a traditional Arab male headdress used by Muslim militants in all sorts of nasty, terrorist-associated videos.  But then again that is according to Fox News, so take what you wish from that.  That being said, an article stating the same thing appeared in the Boston Globe, which has way more fact checkers than I will ever have.  So maybe it is right.  Either way, I've got a problem with this whole thing.  Because it is exactly what is wrong with people.  People are stupid.
     Now let's get our wires crossed here.  I am not pro jihad.  I am not supporting any sort of terrorists.  And I am not against America in any way, shape or form.  So don't get all bent out of shape.  But what I am against is people overreacting to everything everywhere.  I would seriously doubt that Rachael Ray is supporting terrorism.  You are not going to find a terrorist training camp backstage in her studio.  She's not baking muffins for Osama bin Laden.  All she was doing was wearing the scarf that her stylist told her to.   Nobody freaks out when people wear green.  Green is the traditional color of Islam.  Why hasn't that nutjob Michelle Malkin hopped right on that one?  What's wrong Michelle, silent on that one because you have that favorite green sweater of yours that you just couldn't bear to part with?  I am sure that somewhere in her house Rachael Ray has something made of cypress.  Lebanon is famous for its cypress trees.  Uh oh.  That means that Rach must be a terrorist.  Seriously people, this is ridiculous.  Let's not take stuff so seriously.
     I hate to break it to you, but you can't jump on stuff like that all the time.  Because life is too short and important for that business.  And most people understand that.  You want to know what most people thought of when they saw that commercial flash across their Sony Bravia full HDTV w/ 1080p technology?  They thought about donuts.  Maybe those television fans thought about the old school "time-to-make-the-donuts" guy.  Maybe they thought about iced coffee, I don't know.  But nobody watched that commercial and had the urge to attack the great satan.  Because 98% of the people in the United States don't know what a keffiyeh is.  I know how to spell it and I know what it is but I would still be hard pressed to tell you why it's significant.  And it's not because we don't care.  It's because it doesn't matter to us.  Just like the significance of Chuck Taylor All-Stars doesn't matter to a 34-year old mechanic in Karachi.  Chuck Taylor and his shoes do not represent a threat to Islam any more than a keffiyeh does to the US.  Bottom line.  Don't even try to argue, because there is no other option.  That's the truth.
     The biggest problem here is with Ms. Malkin.  People that far out of whack shouldn't be allowed to be on broadcast television.  But Fox News took her.  Of course.  Not even public access would probably have her.  Because she obviously has way too much time on her hands.  And she obviously WAY overthinks things.  When you are on TV you have to keep ratings up.  I understand that.  I have the same problem.  But come on, let's not stoop to shock jockery to keep our numbers up.  There are enough people who get all worked up over small things that we don't need people doing it on TV and inciting others.  Because then people who were smart enough to not care pick their heads up and start asking questions that really don't need to be asked.  Michelle, even if you just happened to be holding up a picture of Yasser Arafat (and here's a picture of him wearing his trademark keffiyeh) next to a TV when Rachael's commercial came on and you just casually noticed the similarities between the scarves, you should have just muttered "Hmmm...that's strange" to yourself and gone out and done a show about oil or something.  Honestly.  There are swastikas on the University of Chicago's Yerkes Observatory but we aren't sending masons over there to chip them away.  Yet we are spending $600,000 to modify a Navy Barracks they look like a swastika from the sky, where only 7 people or so will see it.
     The point here is that we can't pick and choose.  We either need to whitewash everything so no one could ever be offended or just learn to get over ourselves.  I choose the later.  So everyone, go out and eat Dunkin' Donuts, make a 30-minute meal or two, and wear your scarves around.  But not you Michelle Malkin.  You had better not wear a scarf, ever.  Because then you are obviously a terrorist.

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