Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Dave and Company's 50th Post Spectacular!

     Well hello everyone!  It's Memorial Day today so we here are Big Dave and Company want to thank all of our veterans for all they have done for us.  Veterans of every conflict from The Revolutionary Warthrough Grenada to the conflict in Iraq and their families have sacrificed more than the rest of us can ever know or repay.  So here's to you today.
     Memorial Day is a day of rememberance, and so it is only fitting that we hold the Big Dave and 
Company 50th Post Spectacular today.  Let's look back at some of our favorite personalities, stories, and moments from the past two months:
-  Guy H from Sand River, MI.  One of our most avid readers, Guy was our very first Celebrity Endorsement.  He is also one of the most frequent commentators.  Guy was gracious enough to provide us with a picture so that if you see him out and about you can stop and say hello.  Unfortunately the picture was taken after Guy went to get the mail during a blizzard and Guy is slightly obscured.
-  My Encounter With the White ShirtsApril 5, 2008.  This is one of my most favorite posts.  It describes a meeting I had with a band of white shirted teenagers at my friendly local grocery store who were less than forthcoming about their purpose.  In the end I become the leader of an awesome army crusading for supermarket justice.  So I guess you could say that it's more like a self-portrait, or an autobiography.
-  "You want a silent weekend?  Then call your girlfriend fat on Friday afternoon then turn off your phone."The 100 Vacations to Enrich Your Life, March 31, 2008.  Dingo loves this quote.  And so do I.  It is from one of my very first posts, in which I respond to a book I read.  It was the ranting and raving about this particular book that led me to start the blog.  I had some pretty funny stuff to say and I thought that the world should have the opportunity to hear it.  And so this was born.  And the best part is that that quote remains a classic.
-  Chocolate Rain, April 16, 2008.  I wrote a big post about the Internet senesation video called Chocolate Rain.  And don't think it was so much the post as it was the included video.  I think a lot of people watched it, because as I go through my daily life I can sing something in the form of Chocolate Rain and people crack up.  People that wouldn't normally crack up at that.  That's how I know it's working.  Just sing along 
with this line: "Fifty posts makes you as famous as Chocolate Rain!"
-  In our 50th Post poll, Peg-a-saurus Rex and the Stuffed Beaver (May 13, 2008) was voted as your favorite moment from out first 50 posts.  And I am not going to lie Company, I think you made a very good choice.  Because not only is it one of the most controversial posts, it is also by far the most commented on.  I have petted Peg-s-saurus Rex's stuffed beaver, I have even kissed it, and it is a lovely, cuddly stuffed animal.  And Garm even got one too and thought it was great.  But still, come on.  Come on!  We here are Big Dave and Company will never condone handing out a stuffed beaver for Mother's Day.  Unless they hand out stuffed roosters for Father's Day.  Because I can always use the material.  And then at least things will be equal.  So congratulations to Peg-a-saurus Rex and the Stuffed Beaver, the winner of our Readers' Choice Award for out first 50 Posts!  Way to go Peg-a-saurus!
-  One of our most active commentators is Little Jeffy.  When asked to comment on our first fifty posts he had this to say:  "Yes, I banged [Egypt's] mom, too...I would that I did not intend to do that."  Well said Little Jeffy.  Well said.  We don't endorse doing Egypt's mom, or any of our readers' moms.  Unless you happen to be the father or stepfather of one of our readers.
-  So You're A Lazy Sack of Shit, April 4, 2008.  I don't know if you have noticed but I get a little angry sometimes.  And someone at work pushed me over the edge one day, leading to this classic post.  In retrospect I think that this is one of my most favorite posts.  I love everything about it.  Except for the inspiration.  Anyway, in it are included three easy steps to avoid becoming a lazy sack of shit.  So follow
these tips and you will be a productive member of society.  Or at least not a leach.  And then we won't have to have a post about you.  Well, unless you are the Peg-a-saurus Rex.  
-  The Abbey Road to Ruin, April 11, 2008.  In this post I took on The Beatles.  And I am pretty sure that I won.  And Craigster never said a word.  Yet.
-  We've been lucky enough to have some outstanding celebrity endorsements over out first 50 posts.  From the above mentioned Guy H. of Sand River, MI to Kansas University's Sherrod Collins to Marcolino Moco, the third Prime Minister of Angola we have relished all of your endorsements.  Thank you very much.
-  Let's talk about the Salt Book (Click here or here for more information).  It's proper name is Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky, but I have taken to just calling the Salt Book.  It is still missing.  It went missing when one night when a bunch of us were playing euchre and it has yet to come back.  After a couple of weeks I received a ransom note, seemingly cut from a combination of eleventy billion different Glamour magazines.  It was this ransom note that led me to call out the reserves.  Even the White Shirts are looking into it.  And the reward for the return of the Salt Book remains unclaimed.  So let's get on it people!
-  "At least wear a tank top, because the world doesn't want to see your nipples displayed on Fox." From The Naked Truth, May 19, 2008.  In this post we explore why people like to be naked so much.  And not just when the lights are off.
-  In Graduation Aftermath (May 7, 2008) we got to see David Nathaniel's bare ass.  And we never want to see that again.
-   Another of our celebrity endorsements came from Friend Steven, who had this to say in support of the Big Dave and Company 50th Post Spectacular: "Some men take the bull by the horns.  Some bulls take the men by the horns.  In short...Vikings and bulls shouldn't hang out."  What, have you been hanging out with Jack Handey, Friend Steven?  Either way, thank you for the support.  Although I am still not sure if I am the
bull or the horns.
-  We have had some pretty exciting videos for you to watch during out first 50 posts.  Everything from some Magnum P.I to the ever exciting Dick in a Box.  So I guess you could say that we are multimedia.
-  In Mailing It In (April 12, 2008) I explored the ongoing cold war between the entire Big Dave and Company staff and my mailman.  And every time I see him I still just want him to love me SO BADLY!
-  I also advocated sending all the stupid people to an isolated island to live together (Stupid People, April 2, 2008).  I still believe that this is a good idea.  I will turn out to be a genius if this actually goes through, although the people of Pitcarin or Kiska will most likely not agree with that assessment.  I thin that it's doable in any event.  But this post is memorable not so much because of my world class idea (which is great by the way) but because it led to the addition of links to my blog.  Before this I rarely if ever linked to what I talked about.  Now I try to link anything that is not commonly known.  Except in this post.  Because this is for a trip down memory lane.
     And what a trip it has been.  I hope that you have enjoyed our look back at the last 50 posts as much as we here at Big Dave and Company have.  We would like to thank all of our readers, no matter how voracious, for their support and cooperation.  Please feel free to dig through The Filing Cabinet to find your own favorite posts and moments.  Or just revel in ours.  But mostly, please keep on reading and commenting and being yourselves.  Because Big Dave and Company is as much about The Company as it is Big Dave.  So happy Memorial Day, thanks again, and we hope that our next 50 posts can be as successful and eventful as out first 50 were!


SandRiverGuy said...

i just want to thank you for all the entertainment you have given me these last fifty posts and im not gonna lie i didnt vote for my favorite one cause i was really stuck between alot of them. thanks again for the fun and im even workin on garmalito to start reading cause she equally loves her stuffed beaver like peg-a-saurus rex.
Anyways great work guy and im still gonna be your biggest fan at the 100th post. so stop trying to beat me in the comments jeffy!!!

The other dave said...

well after reading all fifty of your blogs and really enjoying my white ass being famous i have to say that i hope this keeps going for a while. Oh and by the way MR SANDRIVER GUY I AM GONNA HAVE WORDS WITH YOU

KingBobb said...

I am pretty sure that that is not going to happen, Mr. Driverguy