Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shedding a Little Light On Things

     Today, for the first time in 2008 the thermometer at my apartment registered a temperature over 50 degrees.  Or at least I assume it did, because it was awfully nice today.  If I were to actually clean the glass on my kitchen window that looks out at the thermometer I could probably verify that it was over 50, but I am willing to go by faith and faith alone.  There is something about springtime that makes hope and faith seem so much easier, so much more readily available.  I think it has to do with the light.  It is amazing how a little change in light changes so many things.  Traffic light turns from red to green, and everything goes from motionless to frantic.  The campfire dies down a little and suddenly a dingo takes off with your baby (you have to be camping in Australia for that one to be pertinent).  The lights come on in the bar at the end of the night and suddenly I am not so popular anymore.  Or, and this is my favorite one, the angle of the sun is just a little bit higher in the sky, and there is just a little bit more of a stronger kind of light pumping through the atmosphere, and suddenly my apartment doesn't look like such a shit hole, and I don't feel so much like spring cleaning anymore.  Don't worry, I will still do it anyway, but probably not Sunday or Monday when they are calling for rain and snow showers.
     The point is that light, and it's effects and angles and strength, is key to the world around us.  As I look out my window everything attached to the ground still screams winter, while everything associated with the sky screams summer.  So I choose to look at the sky.  It's the powerful high angle of sunshine that draws my gaze upward.  Also, I am lying down and far to lazy to turn my head.  Whatever, it still works.  So, if it's nice outside where you live, and the light is nice and bright and high, lie down near a window and gaze up at the sky.  You will see blue skies, puffy white clouds, feel the warm breeze, hear baseball on the radio, and be filled with hope and promise and brightness.  Good things will seem to be on the way.   If not nice outside where you live then don't look outside because you will be depressed.  That means you have to look around your place, and man, it's a shit hole.  So get to the Spring Cleaning.  You don't get to have hope until the sun comes out.    


Anonymous said...

Regardless of the weather outside, I usually refuse to Spring-clean my place until mid-Summer. Or the nice people from Hazmat show up to help. What with the moving, it'll probably be Autumn before I get around to it this year.

Anonymous said...

Guy from sand river thinks that dingos love babies, the state police need to mind there business cause honestly that was a 97 saturn they were following....HOW DARE YOU!!!!, and i love summer so yea if you wanna spring clean my house thats alright with me

SandRiverGuy said...