Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chocolate Rain

    Click here and watch this first.  I will wait while you watch it.




...waiting... you're done.  
     That is Chocolate Rain.  I know nothing about the guy who sings that song.  I do know that if you go out onto the parts of the Internet that I don't control (i.e. all the rest of it) you will find a lot of different versions of this song.  And you will find several parodies of it.  So why is this pertinent? Why is this important?  Because Chocolate Rain is great.  One of the greatest ever.  And I will tell you why.
     Chocolate Rain is great because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  None.  Now if you ask a sociologist-type they will tell you that chocolate rain is a term for racism and that Chocolate Rain is about fighting that and whatnot.  But I don't believe it.  Chocolate Rain is about rhyming.  And not ever about doing that all much.  As long as you can sort of make something fit the basic rhythm then it's good.  The first one doesn't have to match the second one.  You can start with "What I write about in my blog is chocolate rain.  You can help me paint my house chocolate rain."  And so on and so forth and it's fine.  That's the genius behind it.  Every time Tay Zonday has to sing it he can just make it up as it goes along.  He will never be wrong.  Because let's be honest, everyone is going to know a different version.  Plus, he will never have one of those embarassing "Saved by the Bell" sitcom moments when he is singing and the producer or director comes over just behind the curtain and signals for him to keep going but the song is almost done and he has to improvise and it gets crazy.  Because he can easily just keep going.  And he can even communicate and bargain with the producer while he sings.  "I will sing more if you pay, chocolate rain.  Twice the amount is what I ask of you, chocolate rain.  Let me know when I am done, chocolate rain."  See how easy that works out?  It's amazing.
     Now our guy Tay is not the first person to think of this.  Johnny Rivers t had the same idea when they came out with "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu"  back in 1972 (Click here to hear it).  It's rhyming couplets.  (Click here to read the words.  I know it says Aerosmith but they did a cover and the words didn't change.)  How easy is that?  Sometimes I sing about what's going on around me to the tune of this song.  I can do it for hours.  I could totally narrate your whole day day to the tune of this song.  Or at least the part of it that comes before you snap and stab me in the face with a soldering iron.  "You brush your teeth now so your breath smells fine.  You'd better hurry so you'll be on time.  Young man rhythm has a hold on you too.  You've got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu" and so on and so forth. AMAZING.  If I had it my way at least 37% of all songs would be this way.  It would make my life much easier.  And it would make it much easier for me to annoy people like Stealth or the Peg-a-saurus Rex or even Foxy Roxy.  And I need all the help and ammunition I can get.  So here is some impomptu choclate rain to close you out today.

I am making this all up, just like chocolate rain.
Thank you for reading my blog, here is chocolate rain.
Leave me some comments for me to read, chocolate rain.
Canada is to the north of here, chocolate rain.
I need more gas to mow the lawn, chocolate rain.
MacGyver is so smooth he rolls just like chocolate rain.
Streetlight help to light my way throughout chocolate rain.
I could do this forever despite chocolate rain.

I hope you enjoyed that.  Make up some of your own and send them to me via some comments.  That would be sweet.  Wait, let me put that in a form you can understand better.

Send some versions just for me, chocolate rain.
Post them up as comments, would you please?  Chocolate rain.
I will share the coolest ones with you, chocolate rain.

See how easy and fun that is?

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SandRiverGuy said...

You didnt make a blog yesterday chocolate rain. you neglected me for the first time chocolate rain. please dont ever do that again chocolate rain. i dont know what else to say chocolate rain. hope you enjoyed me leaving a message chocolate rain.