Friday, March 28, 2008


     Welcome to Big Dave and Company!  I decided that the world needs the opportunity to see and read and hear exactly what is going on inside of my head.  Not that I am anyone special, but I thought it might be entertaining for anyone who cares.  So let's take a minute to go over how this is going to work.
     I named my blog Big Dave and Company because within these posts you will find many references to many of the people in my life.  I will never use a last name, I will always use nicknames, which means that those who know me an mine will know who I am talking about.  That being said, I will try to never tell a story that belittles, embarrasses, or in any other way is mean to anyone.  But you will appear.  Another of the reasons that I named this blog Big Dave and Company is that from time to time those very same characters will make posts of their own.  In fact I hope they will, sort of like celebrity cameos.
     As Big Dave himself, I am going to make a very serious attempt to post something every day.  I intend to make it part of my daily computer routine, like checking my e-mail, surfing my favorite parts of the web, or messing around with my fantasy baseball team.  If I slip up and miss a day on occasion, please cut me some slack.  But if I get bad feel free to call me out on it.  I am not immune to criticism.
     Anyway, that's about it.  Real blogs are tentatively slated to begin tomorrow, but they may begin tonight if I feel like it.  I hope you enjoy what you read and I hope you come back time and time again to see what manages to spew out of my noggin.  Thanks. 


KingBobb said...

As the very first commentator, I would like to point out that this is a wonderful idea and I give free license to Big Dave to use any and all stories that embarrass and/or belittle me in any fashion.

Because, I fully intend to attack him with events that have transpired. Either real or imagined.

Big Dave said...

Thank you sir. I will take you up on your offer someday I assure you. Glad to have you aboard.